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Platform for Labour Action (PLA) June 2018 Newsletter

Author: PLA Uganda
  1. 91,089,645 UGX was recovered for and on behalf of 123 clients
  2. Supported Bugiri and Moroto districts to draft the child protection law and by-law.
  3. Five girls were rescued from exploitative employment and 29 youth received vocational training.
  4. Ministry of public service commits to present the need for districts to have substantive labour officers.
  5. 5,299 workers, employers and community members sensitized on the workplace policies.
  6. Commemoration of world day against Child Labour

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Platform for Labour Action (PLA) is a National Civil Society Organization that was founded in the year 2000. PLA is focused on promoting and protecting the rights of vulnerable and marginalized workers through empowerment of communities and individuals in Uganda.

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